Body swapping ideas is something that has stuck with me since forever, So why not Caption them! .. If you have a request please comment or email ..

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Getting back to normal

"Also I was wondering if I could request a body swap caption with either Salma Hayek or Katy Perry thanks oh and if you choose Katy Perry can the pic be from her wearing the Elmo shirt on sesame street. Thanks for listening and I'm glad you are back."

- Anonymous's Request


  1. Hey just wanted to stop by, and say I really enjoy your blog it is by far one of my favorites. Also I was wondering if I could request a Katy Perry or Jennifer Love Hewitt body swap caption, thanks for listening and keep up the fantastic work, also all of your captions are fantastic.

  2. Request: "How about a tall flat chested doesn't like being tall and flatchested wanted to swap with a girl who is short and bust and the girl want to be tall and get rid of her boobs , but when the swap happen a mulfunction causes the short girl to take all the traits by becoming tall and busty, while the tall girl becomes short and still flatchested"