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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Im back in spirit!

Hey guys!

Guess your wondering what the hell happened to me?! Well i was making my way home from work when out of no where an angel or some crazy guy with wings ran in front of my car, I couldn't really tell the difference to be honest! Knocked me completely out of my body and into some kind of ghost form? *After a few minutes* The angel explained it was a complete accident and was there anything it could do to make it up to me* The first thing that came out of my head was "I want a better body its the least you owe me! But there is so many people i want to be!" At that moment the Angel smiled.. For the last 3 Months i've been waking up in different female bodies! I Think this is my 6th body? Was hard a first but im sure liking being a woman!The angel must of had a sense of humour! but sure got to love the way my chest feels, try not to stare to much guys! Anyways just to let you know, watch out! I'm back soon! I'll be making GIFS to as soon as i know how to make them properly! Speak to you in my next body.. Whoever i may be!


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